Selecting the best gaming CPU for your computer can be a hard job, especially in the event you don’t keep up with the latest developments in technology.

There are, in fact, many different options to select from, in the top gaming CPUs, though to the considerably more affordable options, and they all have different speeds and other specs which can sound quite confusing if you’re not so familiar with all of the technical terms.

So, here are a few tips on what to consider when you’re looking for the best gaming CPU on your computer.

It’s not all about getting the latest CPU

Don’t be taken in with the sales hype, the latest chip may not necessarily be the best gaming CPU for you. Have a look at the performance requirements of the games which you want to play and base your selection of chip on that, rather than what is the latest thing to hit the market.

Save some of your money for the other important components

You may naturally want to get the best gaming CPU which you can afford, but don’t spend so much money on it that you must go cheap on the additional components. Very often, once you reach a certain standard of a chip, you don’t gain a lot more by going up to the next level, so just get a CPU that will satisfy your requirements, and then you can save your money to buy other high-quality components.

Which manufacturer?

The main two manufacturers to consider would be the two that currently dominate the market; AMD and Intel. Both of them create high quality and extremely reliable gaming CPUs, so the best way to pick between them is always on a case-by-case basis, rather than having a preference one or the other of the manufacturers. In other words, make the comparison of different gaming CPUs based on the specifications of everyone, rather than the brand name.


It is ideal to purchase a gaming CPU that will see you through the next five decades, which is the average lifespan of a gaming computer. If you buy a chip with a few margins in it, then it is going to help save you struggling with performance problems in a few decades’ time.


For most people who will be using a PC for general purposes and also for standard game playing, the stock fans will probably be sufficient to prevent the CPU overheating. Over-clocking will usually only gain you a maximum of a 20% increase in performance, however, so when you take into account the price of an upgraded cooling system as well, so for most gamers, it is not usually worth doing.

Choosing the CPU for gaming is not simple, because there are so many different models with different specifications available. If you are unsure about exactly what it is that you need, it is advisable to ask an expert or visit a computer components review website, or you might end up paying a lot more money than you really need to.