MILLENNNIUM THERMAL SOLUTIONS (MTS),  specializes in the design and manufacturing of Aerodynamically Integrated heat sinks that are superior  in efficiency. An innovator in thermal design, MTS leading edge technologies provides low noise thermal solutions for microprocessors unmatched by competition.




Glaciator 3X  – New Al/Cu embedded (lite) and full copper heat sink line offers a broad range of thermal solutions in a small 1U size appropriate for Small Form Factor, server, and full system performance in one small powerhouse package.  Unique features to the design include a no or limited fan stall in restricted inlet conditions.

Preliminary Specification

  • L65mm X W65mm X H29.5mm
  • 60mm X 20mm fan
  • 32dBA
  • 180 gm lite, 340gm ful cu version
  • Rated 87W +